Weird Name is a writing project by Grete Howland in which she takes a personal, critical look at what led her away from conservative Christianity and into the freedom of non-belief.

It does not exist in order to pick a fight, but to offer an alternative perspective. It is meant to speak for no one but the author.

Feel free to take what you like and leave the rest. 


Grete Howland is a writer and educator. Having grown up in the weird little town of Santa Cruz, CA, she fancied herself pretty liberal--until she realized that this was only in relation to the other Evangelicals she met from more conservative parts of the country.

After completing a master's degree in theology at a large and fairly well-known seminary (well-known if you're a Christian who cares about such things), Grete decided she wasn't as sure of her faith as she once had been. In fact, she realized she no longer wanted to be a Christian at all. 

Leaving the church life behind, Grete went back to her other great love: words. She earned another master's degree--this time in teaching creative writing and literature--and dove into totally, delightfully secular education. 

Grete now lives in Portland, Oregon, with her scientist partner, a formerly feral dog, and their many, many books.