Waking Ourselves Up To The Anti-Blackness In This Country

I interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this post about the terrifying White Supremacy in and of the United States of America, specifically as it targets African-Americans.

Though it has been more apparent in the news cycle these last few days, it is nothing new. If it feels new to you, then you have been living in the privilege of peaceful ignorance; I myself have been there too. But the grief and anger and fear that people in the Black community are feeling over the recent killings are not novel. As many have said, including James Baldwin, to be Black in the U.S. "is to be in a rage", and is to be in mourning.

I and my fellow white folk do not--cannot--understand what this experience is like, but we MUST expand our knowledge and imagination to embrace and believe it, and to join our Black neighbors in the fight for deep and lasting justice.

To that end, I wanted to share a number of texts (articles, books, etc.) that I, and others I know to be committed to this labor, have found enlightening regarding racism and White Supremacy in this country. They have to do with the history of race in the U.S., movements of protest, what avenues currently exist for effecting change, what we white people need to be aware of in our desire to help, and so much more.

Please check out these resources with me; let's educate ourselves, and get to work: